Crisis Management Partners

Responding to a security breach requires a team effort to effectively mitigate the damage from a data breach. In addition to the legal and regulatory implications counseling, SafeLaw Solutions is affiliated with a group of industry leaders to assist in the investigation of the breach, as well as the design and implementation of a response plan. Our team consists of:

  • Security auditors at forensic firms
    • Our partners will identify the source and scope of the data breach. If necessary, the firm will aid in the recovery, restoration or replacement of your information and software, as well as the removal of a hacker’s tools, including Trojan horses, viruses, or worms. Even prior to a breach, our partners have the expertise to ensure that your firm is in compliance with ethical and legal cyber security requirements.
  • Public relations firms
    • We use public relations firms that have extensive experience working with law firms and their particularized needs. These firms will advise on, design, implement and execute a tailored public response to the breach.
  • Notification professionals
    • Our partners will help you draft and deliver notifications to required customers, clients, opposing counsel, courts, State Attorney Generals, law enforcement, and credit bureaus.
  • Credit and internet monitoring
    • Few things are as worrisome as the disclosure of personal, corporate or financial information. Our partners will put the minds of those affected at ease by helping you procure credit and internet monitoring services that will alert you if nonpublic personal information has fallen into the wrong hands or has been made public. Moreover, we partner with identity theft insurance companies to take a proactive approach to mitigating the damage resulting from a breach.
  • Crisis communication call centers
    • Depending on the size and scope of your breach, it may be necessary to bring in outside resources to help handle the calls from your clients and those affected by the data breach. These professionals will familiarize themselves with the breach and train those answering the calls to ensure the maintenance of your public image.
  • Forensic accounting and loss valuation firms
    • A security breach or data loss will not only divert an attorney’s attention away from his client’s immediate needs, but it may completely prevent him/her from accessing files and documents. Both situations will limit an attorney’s billable hours. Our expert partners will help you determine the value of the economic loss caused by a security breach or data loss.