Who We Are

SafeLaw is a product of ARC/TBC. ARC/TBC is dedicated to industry specific cyber risk solutions. We provide these solutions through primary insurance, reinsurance and claims management products.

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8731 Shoal Creek Blvd
Austin TX 78757
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Email: info@tbcprofessional.com

A Few Words About Us

Lawyers are responsible for advising clients on their most troubling and important matters, but that’s not all—lawyers are also trusted to care for and maintain the confidentiality of their clients’ secrets. Whether it is business plans, novel designs to be patented, or simply the disposition of an inheritance, if a lawyer cannot protect their clients’ privacy and information, consequences can be dire.

Today, law firms store virtually every piece of critical data in their information systems. These information systems are accessible to hackers and predators from the outside through the internet, wireless connections, cell phones and laptops, to name just a few sources. At SafeLaw, we are dedicated to protecting your law firm and clients from these threats.

Our insurance policies are more than just insurance--they are a complete protection plan. SafeLaw offers services that help companies identify weaknesses in their IT structure, and in the event of a data breach, SafeLaw can provide immediate assistance to help you through a data breach crisis.

See our Cyber Risk Services page for a more complete explanation of the services that SafeLaw and its affiliates can offer to help protect you and your clients.