Lawyers Cyber Risk Coverage Highlights

This is a general description of the coverages available to you through ARC/TBC and our insurance company partners. Your coverage may differ and you should consult your policy for specific coverages.

  • Third Party Liability Coverage - Covers legal liability arising out of the following:
    • Unauthorized access, unauthorized use, unauthorized disclosure or theft of private consumer information or confidential business information or other sensitive legal or client information occurring at the company or at a company vendor. Coverage extends to the unique liability law firms face for breach of confidentiality and losses arising out of the intentional or accidental disclosure of client data;
    • Cyber Terrorism, Extortion or Espionage;
    • Transmission of a computer attack or computer virus to others due to misuse of the company’s computer system; and
    • Misuse of the company’s computer system, web site, email, social networking or other electronic communications resulting in harm to others.

    Coverage is designed to address the downstream liabilities law firms are exposed to when confidential client information is maliciously or accidentally disclosed or destroyed. Coverage extends to civil and regulatory defense costs as well as compensatory damages, punitive damages, fines and penalties for accidental, intentional or malicious acts of third parties, company employees or company vendors.

  • First Party Property, Expense & Income – Covers direct financial and consequential losses arising out of the following:
    • Data Damage – Covers the cost to rebuild, reconstruct or reengineer electronic data following a computer virus, hacker, denial of service, cyber terrorism, cyber extortion, cyber espionage or other computer attack that alters, damages, or destroys electronic data. Coverage extends to costs of computer forensics following a loss;
    • Business Income & Extra Expense – Cover’s loss of revenue and extra expense following a computer virus, hacker, denial of service cyber terrorism, extortion, espionage other computer attack that alters, damages, or destroys the company’s electronic data resulting in a loss of income. Coverage is designed to address the unique extra and expediting expenses as well as income loss that can occur when confidential legal information is disclosed or destroyed. Coverage also extends to: (1) computer forensic expenses; (2) forensic accounting expenses; (3) expediting and extra expense; (4) dependent business income; and (5) extended business income loss.
    • Crime – Covers theft of money and securities by others from the company using computer systems. Coverage can extend to intentional acts of company employees, third parties and company’s vendors.
    • Extortion – Covers threats to (1) damage the company’s computer system; (2) disclose the company’s private or confidential information; (3) damage the company’s electronic data; and (4) interrupt the company’s electronic connectivity.
    • Crisis Management – Covers (1) Public relations expenses; (2) Breach notification expenses; and (3) Credit monitoring and identity theft services following an event otherwise covered by the policy including a virus, hacker attack, or disclosure of confidential / private information.

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